Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Naval Air Station, Lemoore, CA

These aircraft are on display at the Naval Air Station, Lemoore, CA.

This F/A-18 Hornet is near the main gate and you can see the check point in the picture.

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This is the Douglas A1 Skyraider. A very sucessful ground support aircraft during the Vietnam war. It even shot down a Mig. It had many nicknames - all good - But Spad was known by all.

Here is one of the many versions of the LTV A-7 Corsair II.

Early in 1966 I attended the factory school for the A7 aircraft at Grand Prairie, TX. Then I was assigned to the first training squadron located at Naval Air Station, Cecil Field, FL where I worked on and helped accept the first operational aircraft into the US Navy inventory. That was August, 1966. In 1969 I was once again at the LTV factory as part of the verification/validation team for the service and maintenance manuals for the newer A7-E model. At that same time the USAF was accepting delivery of their A7-D version. After some trips to Vietnam in support of the F4 aircraft I was back with the A7 community at NAS Lemoore, CA from 1973 - 1977 where I serve as the training department‘s supervisor and sometimes instructor. My assignment as Maintenance Chief for Attack Squadron 46 at Cecil Field, FL from 1983 - 1985 ended my long history with the A7 aircraft. As the F/A-18 started replacing the aging A7 I ended my Naval career as the Maintenance Chief of VF/A-132 at Cecil Field, FL. Early in my career I worked on conventional landing gear beach craft aircraft with fabric flight control surfaces and ended my career with the F/A-18 and it’s composite flight control surfaces.

The A-4 Douglass Skyhawk was the Navy's smallest attack aircraft. During it's long service life it was even used by the Blue Angle flight demonstration team. This one pictured here with the hump on its back was much more sophisticated than earlier models.


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