Wednesday, July 13, 2011

USS Independence (CVA-62) 1965

Once upon a time - December, 1965 - I found myself right in the middle - literally - of a flight deck fire.



  1. This is Carlos Zeda, ADJ-5,Planecapten, Fighter Squadron VFA-41.

    I WAS ON DUTY THAT DAY:and saw the great ball of fire fall over our squadron.
    We were located on the rear port side of the Indi.
    The fire was cuased by the Belly tank, Bursting open when the A-5 was catapulted, Splilling fuil directly into the afteeburner and the jet stream.
    On board of this aircraft was the then Secretary of the Navy, Robert McNamara, Departing toward his second Trip to the Filipeans.
    Any other pictures

  2. Note; The date might be wrong.
    This fire, if cuased by McNamara aircraft, Had to be June of 65, As it was the first Landing & And catapult after entering the South China sea.